How to dive in Fall Guys and really throw yourself into things

Wondering how to dive in Fall Guys? It’s a pretty simple maneuver that takes a little bit of learning to get the hang of, but once mastered can be integral to winning games and wobbling your way to victory. The Dive skill can be used to dodge peril, extend your jump, knock down foes or send objects flying – it’s both your primary evasion and offensive ability in Fall Guys, so understanding it is vital if you want any chance of getting the crown. We’ll cover how to dive in Fall Guys below, with details on both how it’s done and applied properly.

How to dive in Fall Guys

How to dive in Fall Guys

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Naturally, the system you’re playing on will determine how to dive in Fall Guys, and the all-important button you need to know is one of the following:

  • PS4: Square
  • PC Keyboard: Ctrl
  • Xbox: X
  • Switch: Y

Now, you can just press that button on its own, but the Fall Guys dive is much more effective if you jump first and then leap. Not only will that launch you further forward than a regular jump, which is useful for clearing wider gaps or rounds such as Hoopsie Daisy where you need to pass through floating rings, but you’ll also land in a flat stable position which can stop you sliding off See Saws when they’re tilting up. A jumping dive into balls during Fall Ball or Hoarders will help to knock them further in that direction, and you can also use it to throw eggs into your basket from a distance while taking on Egg Scramble.

Now you know how to dive in Fall Guys, use that information to secure some more qualifications and work your way towards winning that crown!

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