Final Fantasy 14 adds more polygons to grapes, fans despair

Final Fantasy 14 update 6.01 slipped in a devastating change right at the end of the patch notes (opens in new tab): the polygon count of the grapes in Labyrinthos has been updated to match the grapes found at the Crystarium, smoothing over their once gloriously low-poly form. 

This change might not sound like much, but it’s most assuredly a tremendous loss for all Eorzeans, and indeed humanity. The short-lived low-poly grapes were mistakenly introduced with the release of Endwalker thanks to an excessive measure “to alleviate system memory usage in the area [of Labyrinthos],” and as PC Gamer reports, they were quickly idolized. Alas, the grapes have been given more polygons, their beautiful, crystalline ridges now nowhere to be seen.

Naturally, Final Fantasy 14 fans have turned this into a mourning-tinged meme, with countless players and the game’s official Twitter (opens in new tab) paying respects to the jagged grapes. The game’s subreddit is overflowing with grape tributes ranging from endearing fan art to incorrect but fitting Final Fantasy quotes. The replies to the official grapes tweet are equally creative. 21, 2021

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As we said in our Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker review, the game’s latest expansion is both a masterstroke of storytelling and unquestionable testament to its legacy as one of the best MMOs ever. We won’t get into spoiler territory, but given the expansion’s themes – not to mention the events of pretty much the entire game’s story, let’s be real – it’s only fitting that its triumph comes at a grave loss. You will be remembered, grapes. 

Final Fantasy 14 has once again become so popular that it had to be temporarily pulled from stores. 

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