Breath of the Wild player parries a Bokoblin off a cliff after it was thrown by a Moblin

An expert Breath of the Wild player reacted beautifully to a Moblin throwing a Bokoblin their way, turning the potentially perilous situation into a friendly game of baseball. Well, it’s friendly for the player and the Moblin – not so much for the unlucky Bokoblin who gets snatched up, hurled into the air and parried off a cliff by the player. What a way to go.

If you’ve never seen a Moblin use a Bokoblin as a projectile, this video will likely be a treat right off the bat, but it gets even better when the player sees what’s coming, whips out their shield, and executes a flawless parry that deflects the poor Bokoblin into the air. The Boko nearly recovers from the humiliating attack, but the momentum from the parry sends it tumbling over a massive cliff. But don’t worry, it probably died of embarrassment long before the fall.

yall_werent_kidding_when_you_said_you_can_parry from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

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