Final Fantasy 7 Remake Aerith steel chair mod is out now

A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod gives Aerith back her most powerful weapon: a steel chair.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrived on PC just last week, and the player base has wasted no time at all in bringing out the weird and wonderful of Square Enix’s remake with new mods. One of these mods is called Chaerith (opens in new tab), and it kits out Aerith with a steel chair at all times throughout the remake as her base weapon.

This is, in case you missed it, an homage to one of the most popular things about Final Fantasy 7 Remake when it originally launched on PS4 last year. Aerith herself is an undisputed high point of the remake, and a scene in which she finishes off an arena opponent alongside Tifa with a steel chair caused the game’s community to lose their damn minds.

Now, Aerith can take the formidable weapon with her wherever she ventures in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. No matter which weapon you kit her out with afterwards, she’ll always have the steel chair by her side with this mod, in case you happen across another opponent that needs brutally rendering unconscious with a swift whack to the skull.

So far at least, Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods on PC appear to be focused around cosmetic changes. For instance, some of the most popular mods to date revolve around kitting out Tifa in different dresses, and some actually enable Cloud to wear any one of his dresses at any point throughout the remake. Square Enix’s remake might have its problems on PC – notable stuttering issues among them – but it’s going down a treat with the modding community.

If you’re just delving into the remake for the first time on PC, check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade interview with the voice of Yuffie Kisaragi for more.

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