Tales of Arise digital cookbook is free if you sign up for Bandai Namcos newsletter

Tales of Arise has some real tasty looking anime food, and now you can have it for dinner with a free digital cookbook.

A physical version of the cookbook was part of a giveaway at Bandai Namco recently, but now the company is giving away the digital version for free. You just need to sign up to Bandai’s email newsletter and you’ll get an email with a link to download the PDF. Yes, that means letting Bandai send you its promotional emails, but the cookbook really is beautiful and its recipes are detailed and easy to follow, so it seems like a fair trade.

The book includes 15 recipes, including Japanese staples like tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), tuna sashimi, and mapo curry, but there’s also other dishes like hamburger, gnocchi, vegetable soup, and pork bun. Some of the recipes come recommended from Tales of Arise characters Alphen, Rinwell, Shionne, Kisara, Law, and Dohalim. There’s even a cute little forward from Gourdeno, who you talk with to start the Gourmet side quests in Tales of Arise.

Missed the physical cookbook giveaway? Don’t worry – you can now receive a digital copy of the cookbook! NA: Sign up for the newsletter, we’ll send you an email with a link to download the PDF: https://t.co/ujlEgDLOinEU: Get it on the EP!C Club: https://t.co/aPTUzSUS1d pic.twitter.com/Br941VBwO0December 20, 2021

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As mentioned earlier, the recipes are quite detailed. There are cooking tips and/or notes in each recipe to help you make the best possible dish safely. For example, the omelet recipe recommends a specific pan for making tamagoyaki and says to whisk the eggs before adding any other ingredients to make sure everything blends well. The fish steak recipe advises you spoon the cooking sauce over the salmon – but tilt the skillet away from you so you don’t get splashed by popping hot oil. Meanwhile, the bouillabaisse recipe cautions against using too much saffron, as it can overwhelm the dish.

Everything you need (aside from the ingredients and cookware of course) is included in the cookbook, but if you don’t fancy yourself a cook, you can always just appreciate the mouthwatering art. It might just inspire you to take up a new hobby!

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