First PlayStation Plus game catalog update adds Final Fantasy 7 Remake, 5 Assassins Creed games, and more

Sony’s announced (opens in new tab) the first update for the new PlayStation Plus game catalog, which is available to Extra and Premium members of the revamped service, confirming persistent leaks of this month’s lineup. 

The new games will arrive on July 19. As expected, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, which also includes the Episode Intermission side story, is the headliner. This version beefs up the already stunning remake for PS5, folding in DualSense features and improved visuals with some added content. More importantly, its addition ought to give everyone a chance to get caught up ahead of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, the sequel and prequel for the remake, respectively.  

Upcoming cat adventure Stray is also a standout on PS4 and PS5, as it will be a day-one release available to PS Plus subscribers as soon as it arrives. Sony’s been clear about keeping its biggest blockbusters out of PlayStation Plus at launch, but the service will be serving up some promising games day-one. Stray is a love letter to cats from publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer BlueTwelve Studios, and we called it catnip for cat lovers after our demo.  

A whopping five Assassin’s Creed games are on the list too, presumably as a result of the partnership that saw Ubisoft Classics added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium feature set. Assassin’s Creed Unity, black Flag, Rogue (remastered), Freedom Cry, and The Ezio Collection are all coming this month, all for PS4 only. 

Marvel’s Avengers rounds out the biggest titles, with PS4 and PS5 players getting a chance to try the troubled hero action-RPG for themselves. Developer Crystal Dynamics has seemingly scrapped the game’s long-term roadmap, but recent leaks show it’s still getting new characters like She-Hulk

The rest of the PlayStation Plus July game catalog entries are:

  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (PS4)
  • Saints Row Gat out of Hell (PS4)
  • Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition (PS5)
  • Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure (PS4)
  • Jumanji The Video Game (PS4)
  • Paw Patrol on a Roll! (PS4)
  • ReadySet Heroes (PS4)
  • No Heroes Allowed! (PSP)
  • LocoRoco Midnight Carnival (PSP)

The free PS Plus July games, which are available to all subscriber tiers and separate from the running game catalog, include Crash Bandicoot 4 and Man of Medan.  

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