Street Fighter 6 newcomer Luke is definitely Gen-Z, just look at his Perfect Win dance

Make no mistake, Street Fighter 6 newcomer Luke is part of a new generation of street brawlers, as evidenced by his ridiculous Perfect Win dance.

Capcom brand manager Matthew Edwards recently attended Japan Expo 2022 and witnessed someone achieve a Perfect Win with Luke, and he shared the footage to Twitter. Check it out:

Saw one of the attendees getting a perfect win with Luke and asked them to do it again so I could capture it #JapanExpo2022 Luke is definitely from the TikTok generation 😂I’m now wondering what the other perfect win animations look like 🤔 14, 2022

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As Edwards rightly points out, Luke’s dance is ripped straight from the TikTok/Gen-Z playbook. The infectious jubilance in those fist pumps, the unfettered pomposity of that toothy grin he flashes at the end – it all just screams ‘I can’t be older than 25 or so’. Like it or not, Luke is unmistakably Gen-Z… or maybe he’s just trying to stay hip with the kids.

Regardless, fans are wildly divided on whether Luke’s dance is a charming show of personality or an abomination. “Oh my god,” said an alarmed starstaringnerd (opens in new tab). “This looks so freakish with his stupid giant Popeye arms and tiny legs and waist.”

“I was starting to like Luke,” said mvmorv (opens in new tab). “Now I’m not so sure.”

“This f***ing sucks,” said Armon_The_God (opens in new tab), mincing zero words.

Other folks, like BandleVandle (opens in new tab), say Luke’s jig is “unironically great.”

“He’s so goofy I love him so much,” agreed Skylecz (opens in new tab).

All that aside, the footage means we can assume with a good degree of certainty that if you beat someone without taking any damage, it’ll trigger a unique character animation, adding a little insult to injury. We’ll have to wait and see if the other characters’ animations prove equally divisive.

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