Former GTA leads new game has a “multi-chapter epic narrative” with focus on user-generated content

Some new details about former Grand Theft Auto lead developer Leslie Benzies’ new game have been revealed through an investor document.

As first spotted by Everywhere Network earlier this month (thanks, VGC (opens in new tab)) via the tweet just below, some more titbits of information have been unearthed on a project in the works at Build a Rocket Boy, a studio first founded in 2017. The upcoming title is described as an “open-world, AAA game” with multiplayer elements that incorporate “deep social and streaming integrations.”

NEW INFO about Everywhere!- “Real-life” Ready Player One- Open World AAA Game- Multiplayer experience- Multi-chapter epic narrative- User generated-content in a “virtual sandbox”- Players can create their own worlds- Deep social and streaming integrations 2, 2022

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Elsewhere, the project is referred to as a “‘Real-Life’ Ready Player One” that has a “multi-chapter epic narrative” with a big focus on user-generated content. This is the very first time we’ve heard any details on what’s been going on at Build a Rocket Boy in the five years since it was first founded.

If you’re unfamiliar with the history behind the studio, it’s headed up by Leslie Benzies, a former key developer at Rockstar leading the GTA series. Benzies is joined by fellow former Rockstar developers Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle to lead the new studio as it works on its debut project. 

This project has actually been known by the codename “Everywhere” for a few years now. There’s still a lot we don’t ultimately know about the project, including when and on what platforms it’ll launch and what genre it’ll function in – and it seems like we might be waiting a while before we finally see anything from Build a Rocket Boy. If these new details prove one thing though, it’s that Everywhere is sounding like an increasingly ambitious project.

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