Former League of Legends pro is naming his son after the character that made him world champion

A former professional League of Legends plans to name his unborn child after the character that helped make him world champion.

Chan-yong Kang, better known as ‘Ambition’, announced the upcoming birth of his son earlier this month (via Naver). He told fans that the baby is expected in December, and that he and his partner have already set a name – Jarvan V. That’s in reference to Jarvan IV, a League of Legends character who, in the game’s lore, is a prince, and one of a long line of Jarvans that make up the in-universe royal family. 

Ambition isn’t just naming his son after the character, however, as the player himself has a notable link to the champion. Jarvan IV is the character that helped Ambition and his teammates become League of Legends world champions in 2017, and it was Ambition’s tournament journey – and his performance as Jarvan IV – that was adapted into the soundtrack for the following year’s competition.

Following that win, and in line with League of Legends tradition, Ambition and his teammates were all immortalised in a new in-game cosmetic. World champions are allowed to choose the character they want to make a skin for (assuming they played as them at least once during the tournament), and Jarvan IV was Ambition’s choice.

Given the number of times that Ambition has found himself in some way personified as Jarvan IV, you might argue that his unborn child is not just the heir to the character, but to Ambition himself. The former pro seems to share that idea, suggesting that one day he wants to be able to perform at the highest levels of League of Legends alongside his son.

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