Forspoken in-game purchases revealed by ESRB rating

The Forspoken ESRB rating reveals a few key details about Square Enix’s upcoming world-bridging action RPG, including the inclusion of in-game purchases.

The rating was recently posted on the official website (opens in new tab) for the Entertainment Software Rating Board, confirming that Forspoken will be rated M for Mature with specific descriptors for strong language and violence. The ratings summary specifies that you’ll fight “zombie-like creatures” and monsters using main character Frey’s magical vambrace and assortment of spells. You’ll hear characters drop a handful of colorful four-letter words in the course of the game, which won’t be a surprise if you remember Frey’s very relatable reaction the first time she saw a dragon in that reveal trailer.

The ESRB rating also specifies that in-game purchases are present in both the PC and PS5 versions of Forspoken. These types of listings never go into detail on what form such purchases will take, just that they exist, so they could be for just about anything – new quests, quick XP boosts, cool capes for Frey to wear as she parkours around, anything. Square Enix typically isn’t shy about trying different things when it comes to in-game purchase options, so we’ll just have to wait and see what form they take in Forspoken.

While it isn’t a Final Fantasy game itself, much of the team behind Forspoken previously worked on Final Fantasy 15. If Forspoken’s May 24, 2022 release date feels too far off, you could always take the Regalia out for another spin to pass the time.

Forspoken’s spells will just hit different if you’re playing on PS5, thanks to haptic feedback on the DualSense controller.

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