Dying Light 2 bug fixes arriving in the coming days

Dying Light 2 will receive a number of new fixes over the coming days, according to developer Techland.

The news comes by way of the tweet below from the official Dying Light Twitter account. The account notifies users that while hotfixes have already been deployed for the zombie horror sequel over the past few days, we can  expect even more fixes and improvements over the coming days.

Hello Survivors! We have implemented some hotfixes over the weekend and will be continuing to add more in the coming days.Thank you for your incredible support and patience. Here is our plan for the upcoming week:February 6, 2022

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What these fixes are right now, nobody knows. However, the Dying Light Twitter account delves into detail for potential forthcoming improvements and fixes in another few tweets, revealing, for example, that various game-crashing bugs are ready to be fixed on the PC side (opens in new tab) of things, and issues with connection stability for co-op multiplayer are ready to be fixed for PlayStation (opens in new tab) players.

We can expect two new hotfixes, one for PlayStation platforms and one for Xbox platforms (opens in new tab), by the middle of this week at the latest. Considering the lengthy list of fixes and improvements highlighted in the aforementioned tweets, perhaps we can expect a fair amount of ongoing issues to be stamped out in the upcoming updates for all three platforms.

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