Where to find Fortnite Ballers

Fortnite Ballers have been brought back out of storage following a long rest in the vault, which means you can once again see these giant hamster balls rolling around the island. These battery boosted globes offer a degree of shielding against any Fortnite opponents who may choose to strike at you, though their main perk is the manoeuvrability they offer. You don’t have the option to jump, but by using a combination of the retractable plunger and their powerful boosts you can swing yourself in the air to clear most obstacles that lay in your path.

Previously the Fortnite Ballers have been called upon for several weekly assignments, such as dislodging Fortnite Runaway Boulders and entering the Fortnite wind tunnel at The Screwballer. More recently they have been included in a task to use a Baller, a Fortnite zipline, and a Fortnite geyser in a single match, so you should concentrate your efforts in the area between Rave Cave and Reality Falls for that one. You’ll also need to rack up your travelling distance using them, so we’ve got all of the Fortnite Ballers locations to help you get on with each of those jobs.

Fortnite Ballers locations

Fortnite Ballers

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Currently, Fortnite Ballers can be found in and around Rave Cave, towards the northwest side of the island. There’s a long and winding rollercoaster track running through this area, and alongside it you’ll find three stations each containing two Ballers, in the following locations:

  1. Inside the giant pink Cuddle Team Leader head on top of Rave Cave
  2. On the colorful east side platform halfway up the Rave Cave mountain
  3. Just inside the south ground level entrance to Rave Cave

Fortnite wolf spawns

Fortnite wolf spawns

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Where to find Fortnite wolves and how to ride them.

For both a Zero Week entry and ongoing Milestones in the Fortnite quests you’ll need to rack up distance travelled in a Baller, but that can be tricky as this vehicle runs on electric power which means unlike other transport in the Battle Royale, it can’t be refuelled by visiting a gas station. However, if you hop the Fortnite Baller onto the rollercoaster rails running around Rave Cave, you’ll be carried along automatically while expending no battery charge, so you can happily sit back and watch your travel distance in a Baller steadily rise.

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