Where to find Fortnite geysers to launch into the air

Fortnite geysers are found in the area around Reality Falls, and these fissures intermittently eject water and steam to launch you high into the air if you happen to be stood on top of it at the time. Once the eruption has sent you skyward, you can redeploy your glider to get a better view of what’s around you, or simply float away to a new area of Fortnite while covering a decent amount of distance in the process. They may look quite violent, but are actually perfectly harmless, so give them a go if you’re nearby.

These Fortnite geysers also feature in several of the weekly assignments, with the initial one being to launch into the air using three of them. More recently, a task was added that involved using a Fortnite Baller, a Fortnite zipline, and a geyser in a single match, so if you’re already in the area to ride an eruption then it makes sense to continue on to Rave Cave afterwards to take in the other items as well. We’ve got all of the Fortnite geyser locations around Reality Falls for you here, so you can easily tick off any quests that require them.

Fortnite geysers locations

Fortnite geysers locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Reality Seeds

Fortnite Reality Seeds

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Pick weeds near Fortnite Reality Seeds for another challenge.

Fortnite geysers are only found in the western section of the Fortnite map that’s full of giant, glowing mushrooms. It’s also where you can find Reality Falls and Greasy Grove. There are 12 geysers in this area, but you’ll find seven of them clustered together in Peril Pass, making that your best spot for completing this easy challenge, and the nearby Reality Tree has lots of loot for you to grab later. Use the above map and the information below to help you get to any of the Fortnite geyser locations:

  1. Peril Pass: You’ll find seven geysers all very close together in this landmark area, which is just west of Reality Falls
  2. Reality Falls north: There’s a geyser out on a small rocky island in the lake area fed by several waterfalls that’s just north of the Reality Tree.
  3. Reality Falls south: South of Reality Falls and across the road, you’ll find a geyser towards the top of a cliff.
  4. Shelly Shoals: There’s a geyser west-southwest of Greasy Grove around a large cliff formation on the west coast by a landmark called Shelly Shoals.
  5. Displaced Depot: You can find a geyser east-northeast of the Displaced Depot landmark building. It’s on top of the rock formation that looks like a giant shark head.
  6. Scratch Pad: Go southwest from the Scratch Pad landmark to find a geyser on top of a hill surrounded by trees.

From Reality Falls, you can head north to Rave Cave where you can find the Fortnite wind tunnel at The Screwballer. You’ll need to hop into a Baller vehicle and get inside the tunnel to cross off one of the Week 2 Fortnite quests. While you’re in the area, look out for some Fortnite Runaway Boulders, which can be dislodged using your Baller for another challenge.

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