You can now vote for the Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle

The Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle got players talking when it was briefly mentioned during an instructional video released earlier in the season, but the time has now come for it to be officially incorporated into the battle royale. Whether this fresh armament goes on to become one of the Fortnite new weapons for Season 8 will depend on how players place their votes between that and the Combat SMG, but it’s currently one of the big talking points in Fortnite since the latest update went live. With that in mind, we’re here to reveal everything we know so far about the Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle, and how you can help get it officially added to your arsenal.

Why are people talking about the Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle

Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle

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The Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle made its debut appearance during an in-game video, explaining how the War Effort system works in the game – players visit Fortnite Item Donation Boards and spend gold bars to vote for one of two weapons they want to see unvaulted or added to the loot pool, with the first choice to reach 100% funding being unlocked immediately for use and the loser returning to obscurity. According to the video presenter Emily, “as the season unfolds, J.B. [Chimpanski] will be preparing new tools and old favorites to help combat the Sideways monsters, like a Shockwave Launcher, or the new Combat Assault Rifle accompanied by a brief clip of the gun being fired by Charlotte.

Fortnite patch notes v18.20

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As the initial vote between the Shockwave Launcher and Rift-To-Go has been concluded, with the former being added to the battle royale, it’s now time for the Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle to go up against the Combat SMG in the next head-to-head as confirmed by the Fortnite patch notes for v18.20. Make sure you start depositing your gold bars ASAP, so you can contribute to getting your choice of weapon up to 100% funding.

Combat Assault Rifle 12, 2021

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Combat SMG 12, 2021

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If you’re trying to decide on whether to vote for the Fortnite Combat Assault Rifle or Combat SMG, then take a look at the tweets above from reliable information source iFireMonkey (opens in new tab) on Twitter with leaked stats for both weapons.

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