Fortnite Foraged Items locations

Fortnite foraged items provide an alternative route to increasing your health or shields, by consuming foragables you can find all over the island. They may not provide a huge boost on their own, but you’re able to carry lots of them at once and with plenty of them available the effects soon stack up. From time to time these foragables will feature in Fortnite quests, which means it pays to know exactly where to look for a specific fruit or vegetable – they tend to appear in logical locations, with mushrooms growing under trees in forests, corn being harvested from fields, and coconuts appearing along the tropical coasts.

If you’ve got a spare inventory slot going, you can store each particular type of foraged item, so that you have some to eat on the go. They can be great for quickly topping off your health or shields if you’ve taken a little bit of damage, and you can also carry up to 15 of each item in a stack, making them great alternatives to other Fortnite resources such as bandages and shield potions. If you need to consume foragables to complete certain quests, or you just want a quick pick-me-up to heal yourself, we’ve got details on where to go to find the various types of Fortnite foraged items.

Fortnite Foraged Items locations

Fortnite Foraged Items locations map

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We’ve marked plenty of locations on the map above where you can look to find Fortnite foraged items – these are not intended to be completely exhaustive, but will help you find a particular foragable to consume when you need it. This is the benefit each of the items will provide when used:

  • Cabbages +10 health, cannot consume when health is at 100
  • Coconuts +5 health or shield, cannot consume when both are at 100
  • Corn +10 health, cannot consume when health is at 100
  • Mushrooms +5 shield, cannot consume when shield is at 100
  • Noms Boxes contain various Fortnite foraged items

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