Fortnite Jetpacks

Fortnite Jetpacks have returned after a long rest in the fabled vault, to once again provide players with the option to add verticality to their combat and travel around the island. Their locations are particularly important if you’re ticking off the Fortnite Quests, as you’ll need to travel in the air with a Jetpack for 100m for one of the latest challenges. This item is quite a useful tool for catching your opponents unaware in Fortnite, as most won’t expect an attack from above and hitting a flying target is rather tricky for them. If you’re ready to take to the skies, then we’ve got the lowdown on all of the Fortnite Jetpacks locations and an explanation of how to use Jetpacks in Fortnite.

Fortnite Jetpacks locations

Fortnite Jetpacks map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You’ll mainly find Fortnite Jetpacks in Imagined Order controlled areas, which means they may be liable to move around as territories change but at the time of writing they are in the following locations:

  1. On the IO Airship above Command Cavern
  2. On the north side of the Command Cavern base
  3. On the IO Airship above Tilted Towers
  4. On the IO Airship above Coney Crossroads
  5. On the IO Airship above Rocky Reels
  6. On the IO Airship above Condo Canyon

Fortnite Jetpacks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

With the exception of those on the north side of the Command Cavern base, you can collect Fortnite Jetpacks from the external areas to the middle and rear of the various Airships floating above Imagined Order controlled areas. You can either land on one of those at the start of a match, or use the ascenders to ride up the ropes attaching the blimp to the ground. Follow the usual prompt to equip the Jetpack, which takes up one slot in your inventory.

How to use Jetpacks in Fortnite

Fortnite Jetpacks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

With a Fortnite Jetpack in your inventory, you’ll automatically see it equipped to your back, and you don’t need to do anything further to activate it – meaning you can select other weapons or items and use them as normal. To activate the Jetpack, jump and then press jump a second time while in the air to trigger the boosters, holding and releasing the jump button to control your height. 

Better still, if you aim down the sights of a weapon while flying, the Fortnite Jetpack will automatically hover and strafe from side to side, allowing you to concentrate on landing your shots. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge next to the icon in your inventory, as once that depletes to zero the Jetpack will disappear, so definitely make sure you’re near the ground when this happens or you’ll be making an early exit from the battle royale!

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