Where to find Fortnite Klomberries and how to throw them

Fortnite Klomberries are a consumable that recently started blooming around the island, and their distinctive bright blue appearance means you should be able to easily identify them when you get near to one of their bushes. They’re very useful items as you can restore health by consuming Klomberries then top up your shield, and as they’re a treat favored by the new Fortnite Klombos creatures you can also throw them to help deal with the dinosaurs. If you’re ready to add this super fruit to your Fortnite diet, then these are the Fortnite Klomberries locations along with an explanation of exactly how they’re used.

Fortnite Klomberries locations

Fortnite Klomberries locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Klomberries can be found growing on bushes at various locations around the island, which we’ve marked on the map above, and you’ll usually find two or three bushes at each area. These fruits can also be purchased directly from Haven, one of the Fortnite characters who is found at the marker in the southwest corner of the island, where they cost 25 bars each.

How to restore health by consuming Fortnite Klomberries

Fortnite Klomberries locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Klomberries have several uses in the battle royale, with the main one being that each fruit you consume increases your Effective Health by 10 – this means your HP will increase by 10, then when that reaches 100 your shields will increase instead. They can be carried in stacks of 15 per inventory slot, which means they’re a great source of recovery after you’ve taken damage and you should stock up on them whenever you can. Klomberries can also be used to calm enraged Klombos, as throwing one nearby will stop it from attacking, and feeding the creature a few of these consumables by depositing them in the vicinity will encourage it to fire helpful items from its blowhole.

How to throw a Klomberry in Fortnite

Fortnite Klomberries locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

For one of the Fortnite quests you’ll need to throw a Klomberry while standing within 10 meters of a Klombo, so of course you’ll want to know how to launch this item. Thankfully the process is as simple as highlighting the Fortnite Klomberry in your inventory, holding the left trigger to bring up an aiming arc, then pressing the right trigger to throw it. Make sure you’re close to a Klombo when you do this, and you’ll tick that quest off in no time.

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