Where are Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines

Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines are a rare sight in the battle royale, and it’s down to personal interpretation whether that’s a good or bad thing. Unlike a regular retail unit, you have no idea what you’re going to get out of one of these glitching vendors until you make a purchase from them in Fortnite, meaning you could get lucky or end up wasting your gold bars. However, demand for them is now increasing thanks to their appearance in one of the Fortnite quests, so knowing how to identify them is a big help with that. If you’re going in search of Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines locations, then here’s everything you need to know.

Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines locations

Fortnite vending machines locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unfortunately, due to their random distribution you can’t guarantee any particular Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines locations for each match you take part in. Instead, you’ll need to visit the established Fortnite vending machines locations as shown on the map above, while keeping a look out for the glitching exclamation point on a bright red screen to indicate you’ve found one that’s not working as it should. The easiest approach is to consider finding one of the Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines as a secondary objective, then just check the units when you encounter them during regular play as otherwise you could invest a lot of time and effort searching the island for one.

How to purchase a random item from a Malfunctioning Vending Machine in Fortnite

Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you’ve found one of the Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machines, purchasing a random item is as simple as approaching it and interacting in the usual way. You’ll be presented with the option to “Roll the Dice” to receive a random item, which will cost you 100 gold bars per purchase regardless of what the item is. It could be a rare or even vaulted item, and on the other hand it may be something completely useless such as a chicken! Whatever the outcome, you only need to do this once to complete the quest to purchase a random item from a Malfunctioning Vending Machine in Fortnite.

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