All Fortnite vault locations in Chapter 3 Season 1

The new Fortnite vault locations Chapter 3 Season 1 has brought about will be a clear priority for anybody who wants the best gear and equipment, to take them into the new era of Fortnite. Vaults contain a variety of high-end weapons that’ll allow you to turn the odds well in your favour, and right now they’re also connected to the Fortnite Seven Outposts – that is, the outposts belonging to the organisation known as The Seven. Of which there are… well, you can probably guess how many exactly. Nevertheless, we’ll show you how to find and open all Seven Fortnite vault locations that Chapter 3 has to offer.

All Fortnite Vault locations

Fortnite vault locations seven outposts chapter 3 how to open

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As mentioned, all the Fortnite vault locations in Chapter 3 are tied to the new Seven Outposts, seven of which are dotted around the Fortnite map to uncover. Vaults are usually located beneath buildings as a rule, but you can check out where to find them on the map above and the list below. We’ve also numbered them according to which Outpost they are – so location six on the map will corroborate with Seven Outpost VI, and so on.

All the Fortnite vault outpost buildings look like small, rounded, run-down, mildly scientific structures that don’t really call much attention to themselves – think Tatooine’s version of a pop-up laboratory. Each one has a few rooms, as well as a staircase leading down to a basement – that’s always the location of the vault. Head down there and you should see it, a large blue reinforced door with a holographic red locking mechanism. This means that once you’ve found the outpost (assuming there’s not other players there), finding the vault door should be easy, just check the three or four rooms until you see the stairs and go down.

  1. Seven Outpost I, a little structure in a cluster of trees Southwest of Greasy Grove. 
  2. Seven Outpost II, a bungalow and little tower connected by a bridge, on the hilltop northwest of Logjam Lumberyard. The vault is in the eastern bungalow section.
  3. Seven Outpost III, an isolated building amongst some tropical trees and ferns Northeast of the Daily Bugle building.
  4. Seven Outpost IV, in a desert settlement with a wind turbine on top, across the river South of Condo Canyon. 
  5. Seven Outpost V, on the very western coast of the island, overlooking the river north of Camp Cuddle. 
  6. Seven Outpost VI, a slightly larger two-part structure on the southeast coast of Loot Lake. Head into the eastern room to find the basement staircase.
  7. Seven Outpost VII, the only real structure on the little island east of Mighty Monument.

How to open Fortnite vaults

Fortnite vault locations seven outposts how to open

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The new vaults in Chapter 3 are actually pretty simple to open – you just need to assemble a certain number of aligned players to stand in front of it, matching the number of figures projected by the holographic lock. So if there’s four figures, you’ll need four players. Alternatively, the hireable NPCs also fulfil the quota, so you could amass three real people and one hired goon to open it. You can even work with enemy teammates – you don’t have to be all aligned. 

The lock should turn blue when it registers people in front of it – try standing on the dirt square before the door to be certain if it feels like you’re not triggering it.

Once you’ve met these conditions, you might need some good Fortnite tips to survive: the vault opens slowly and noisily, designed to attract other players to your location while you wait. This means you could be in a bit of a standoff until it pops open, but once it does, you’ll have your pick of some of the best Fortnite new weapons, which we’ve listed in our attached guide for you.

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