Gameplay of Smash Bros-style fighter MetaVersus shows Batman and Harley Quinn duking it out

MultiVersus gameplay has leaked online after a network test early last month.

Earlier today, it was noted by certain corners of the interview that a four-minute segment of what appeared to be MultiVersus gameplay was uploaded to Russian social media site VK (opens in new tab). The video shows various characters – including Jake from Adventure Time, Batman, Harley Quinn, Velma, and many more – going toe-to-toe in two vs two fights. 

The new brawler from Warner Bros. sure looks chaotic. When first leaked last year, the forthcoming fighting game was described as a Super Smash Bros-like brawler, and it sure seems to be living up to that description here, as characters throw items around the arena and pelt each other with all sorts of different gadgets and various attacks.

That’s not to say we’ve seen all the characters from MultiVersus’ roster in this video. Warner Bros. previously revealed that the likes of Shaggy, Superman, Gandalf the White, and even Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark would all be featured fighters in the new game, and we’re yet to see what sort of abilities any of the aforementioned characters will employ.

As we mentioned previous, this leak likely comes from a closed network test that was held earlier this year for MultiVersus. Between February 25 and March 7, a limited number of players were able to go hands-on with MultiVersus, trying out a sampling of the expansive roster. This would be the first time we’ve actually seen anything from the limited network test.

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