Gentleman Jack fans react to “emotional” season 2 finale amid calls for season 3 renewal

Gentleman Jack fans have urged the BBC and HBO to renew the show for a third season following its “emotional” season 2 finale.

Created by Happy Valley’s Sally Wainwright, the Suranne Jones-led period drama centers on Yorkshire-based lesbian landowner Anne Lister, as she navigates rocky romances and male-dominated business ventures in the early 1800s.

The latest installment concluded in the UK on Sunday (May 29), and viewers wasted no time taking to Twitter to share their reactions to the episode. Having essentially tied the knot at the end of season 1, much of Gentleman Jack’s second outing has focused on Anne and her new wife Ann Walker’s efforts to divide their estates, much to the dismay of the latter’s meddling brother-in-law Captain Sutherland – as well as Anne’s complicated connection with her ex-lover, Mariana Lawton.

Elsewhere, the couple has faced money squabbles, their inability to start a family together, and a mocking marriage announcement in the local paper. So it’s hardly surprising that fans were left in tears when several of those storylines came to a head yesterday evening.

“This series is a rollercoaster of emotions”, one Twitter user wrote (opens in new tab), as another said (opens in new tab): “My god, #SuranneJones is absolute perfection as #AnneLister I never want to see anyone else in the role. She owns it. Magnificent. #RenewGentlemanJack.”

“Already missing Gentleman Jack so much. S3 ASAP,” a third added (opens in new tab).

“That was such a good ep but I am actually sobbing” one person admitted (opens in new tab), while another wrote (opens in new tab): “RIGHT WHERE’S THE SEASON 3 ANNOUNCEMENT?”

“I’ve just shouted and bawled my eyes out throughout that bloody awesome episode,” one more chimed in (opens in new tab).

Check out some more reactions below…

#GentlemanJack a triumph of script, direction and acting. Great storytelling by Sally Wainwright. Loved it. All of it. If there’s more to tell Series 3 please.May 30, 2022

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I’m still recovering from how emotional last night’s episode of #GentlemanJack was, but what I will say is that the two seasons we’ve had have been brilliant and that’s due to the dedication of all involved and their ambition to tell the story of Anne Lister #RenewGentlemanJackMay 30, 2022

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Hands up if you’re begging for a 3rd season!#RenewGentlemanJack #GentlemanJack @BBC @BBCiPlayer @HBO 29, 2022

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i’m so emotional right now omg what a great episode #GentlemanJackMay 30, 2022

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Final episode Gentleman Jack. Superb! Acting, Costumes, Sets, Storyline. 30, 2022

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Sundays are gonna *suck* now that Gentleman Jack S2 has concluded. I loved the first season, but I ADORED the second. The emotion! The editing! The music! The baddies! The costumes! The performances! What a glorious show. Let us have it for a bit longer? Puuuuurlease.May 29, 2022

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Cannot wait for a Season 3 of #GentlemanJack . Everything from acting to costumes was on point. 30, 2022

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I really enjoyed the last episode of series 2. Bring on a series 3 please 🙏 Great script, acting and storyline. #GentlemanJackMay 30, 2022

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In 2019, BBC and HBO renewed Gentleman Jack four weeks into its eight-week run in the US, and just four days after it had premiered in the UK. So the lack of a season 3 announcement has got fans worried that there may not be more to come.

Their anxieties were exasperated when Jones and her fellow cast members Sophie Rundle, Lydia Leonard, Gemma Whelan took to Instagram (opens in new tab) over the weekend to share a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos and pay tribute to the show, reading their posts as potential goodbyes. As the tweets above suggest, though, there’s still hope.

Gentleman Jack season 2 is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer in the UK. It is set to wrap up in the US, on HBO Max, on June 13. While we wait to see if more episodes are on the horizon, check out our roundup of the best TV shows of all time and pad out your to-watch list.

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