Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns: Which are the best weapons to use in Ubisofts new looter shooter?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s best guns are pretty varied, and with a lot of guns to choose from, it’s worth knowing your pea-shooters from your power-beams. Not to mention that all the looter-shooter mechanics can make things a little more confusing on top of that – so how to tell the best Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns from each other? It’s not easy because of how many guns there are in the game, so we’re here to fill you in on what you need to know. From working out which gun is most suitable for you to some of our best Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns, we’ve got it all covered in our guide below.

How to choose the best Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns

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It’s easy to build a comparable loadout with almost anything you can find while looting, so don’t worry if you’re using a less-than-ideal weapon. Cater your weapons to your playstyle. If you prefer to lay down cover fire to help your squad escape? Grab that light machine gun. Looking for the ultimate close quarters combat setup? Pick up a couple of submachine guns. 

I prefer to have a diversified set of cannons, including one assault rifle or submachine gun alongside a sniper rifle that can handle long distances. Grenades help me with any tricky situations the first two don’t cover.

Finding guns in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is simple; you’ll come across them in chests and on the bodies of slain enemies. You can craft weapons once you find their specific blueprint, either from side missions or intel you find from strangers and electronics scattered across the map. Bear in mind that you can hold two primary weapons at a time alongside one pistol.

Best Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns


Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns: TAC50

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The TAC50 is a great rifle to use while scouting around an enemy base, marking enemies and locations of interest before heading into a battle. It’s powerful enough to level an enemy soldier with a single shot, even when suppressed, and it’s got incredible range. It’s perfect for solo playthroughs too as you can clear part of a base without even stepping inside. Make sure to have something suitable for close range if you go with this one, though.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns: SC-20K

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The SC-20K is perfect for a fast moving commando who prefers to methodically infiltrate a compound room by room. You can hug corners quickly and take out anyone you find instantaneously. It has a bit of recoil but nothing you can’t handle, and the spray is deadly. It also has a healthy cartridge size when you first pick it up but like every other weapon, I use a suppressor with it. Stealth is crucial.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns: TAVOR

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The TAVOR is all about stability, close-to-medium range shots with a steady hand. It has little-to-no recoil, works perfect with a laser sight, and has great firepower. This is the gun that has felt the best with the Breakpoint camera changes that have you go from third to first person whenever you look down your sights. It’s gotten me out of most of my close shave gunfights.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns: G28

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The G28 is a great mid range weapon, perfect for surrounding an outlet of enemies with your squad, marking your target, and taking them out from a safe distance. It can hold its own at distance, but is perfect for hunkering down inside a two story office building as waves of enemies approach your position. 


Ghost Recon Breakpoint guns: AK47

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The AK47 is well-known for a reason and it’s just as reliable in Breakpoint as you’ll find in other game. You can find the AK47 blueprint in the Behemoth Defense Area and from random points of intel you may find during missions. 

All guns in Breakpoint are viable in both multiplayer and singleplayer. If some element of a weapon is lacking, like the recoil or mobility, then you can work to improve that with the gunsmith. Apply stat boosts, add better equipment, and increase the overall level of your weapon. You’ll also find different versions of the same weapon with better stats, so be sure to upgrade when you can.

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