Gloomhaven prices and deals – here are the lowest current offerings

Low Gloomhaven prices or value-busting Gloomhaven deals are like gold dust. Which probably makes sense, to be honest; it’s extremely popular and features on many lists of the best board games. However, this fantasy RPG can be found for less is you know where to look.

That’s why we’re rounding up the lowest available prices here. If you want Gloomhaven deals, we’ve got you covered. Our bargain-hunting software is always on the prowl for reductions, and it’ll serve up the cheapest possible offers and Gloomhaven sales below. As an example, UK readers can currently get the game for £87.40 at Amazon (opens in new tab) instead of almost £140. That’s a rare discount, and even though it’s been cheaper once in the past (during Black Friday 2021, to be precise), it never dips below £90 the rest of the time.

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Gloomhaven deals – today’s best prices

Gloomhaven deals – price & analysis

Gloomhaven board game

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So, how much does Gloomhaven normally cost? It depends on which version you get (more on that later), but the original tabletop game has an MSRP of around $140. Here’s a more precise breakdown of Gloomhaven sales:

USA Gloomhaven prices

Full price: $140
Average price: $119
Lowest price: $84.99 

UK Gloomhaven prices

Full price: £120
Average price: £103
Lowest price: £74.90 

As you can see, there’s quite a gulf between the full and average price for Gloomhaven. It’s hard to predict when these deals will appear, though – outside of historic lows that traditionally occur during Black Friday, there isn’t much of a pattern to speak of. Basically, anything below $119 or £103 is a good Gloomhaven deal.

As for the cheaper, more streamlined Jaws of the Lion prequel, you’re looking at:

USA Jaws of the Lion prices

Full price: $49.99
Average price: $38
Lowest price: $29.99 

UK Jaws of the Lion prices

Full price: £49.99
Average price: £42
Lowest price: £39.94 

This shows how much harder it is to get a decent deal on Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion – the game is rarely discounted, and never goes far below its average price. With that in mind, don’t hesitate if you see it anywhere below $38 or £42.

Gloomhaven deals – which version of the game should you get?

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

(Image credit: Cephalofair Games)

To muddy the water, there isn’t just one Gloomhaven. Alongside the original board game, you can also get a smaller, less expensive prequel called Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Then there’s the video game version of Gloomhaven on PC. So which one should you buy? Let’s break it down real quick.

  • Gloomhaven (board game) – This is the original adventure that wowed tabletop fans, and it’s usually the one people are talking about when Gloomhaven comes up in conversation. It costs roughly $140 / £120 and offers hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  • Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (board game) – If you want a cheaper and more focused alternative to Gloomhaven, this prequel is spot on. Utilising streamlined mechanics that ease in new players, it’s a less intimidating introduction to Gloomhaven’s dark fantasy world. However, it still offers branching storylines and more than enough gameplay to keep you busy.
  • Gloomhaven (video game) – Turned off by the board game’s size? This digital alternative follows the same plot and translates those tabletop mechanics into something you can tackle on PC (it’s much less stressful when a computer handles the rules and number-crunching for you). While it’s not perfect, this may be more appealing to those who are on the fence about tabletop Gloomhaven’s cost – both literal and in terms of time commitment. 

Gloomhaven sale – is it better to wait until Black Friday?

Gloomhaven board game

(Image credit: Cephalofair Games)

Although it isn’t common for board game deals to be a focus on Black Friday, Gloomhaven’s one of the rare exceptions. If you can afford to wait, it’s worth holding out for Gloomhaven deals at the end of November because you’ll find the cheapest prices then. As an example, the game fell to a historic low during Black Friday 2021 (where it was $84.99 in the USA and £74.90 in the UK). That’s a whole lot better than the usual $140 / £120+ we’re used to seeing.

However, that isn’t to say you can’t get discounts for the rest of the year. The price fluctuates between $120 and $90-ish (or below £100 for UK readers) throughout, with the most tempting reductions outside of Black Friday occurring during September. That means you can save plenty of cash if you’re quick off the mark, but the best offers are still reserved for Black Friday.

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