God of War Ragnarok delay rumours are all over the place

Despite some reports suggesting the contrary, it looks like God of War Ragnarok is releasing this year anyway. 

A Twitter account that shares PSN database information initially reported that God of War: Ragnarok’s placeholder release date had shifted to December 31 from September 30, sparking fears of a delay. A report then followed from Gamereactor (opens in new tab)stating that the next God of War game is moving to next year entirely, which was reportedly confirmed to the outlet by “various European sources”.

The release date debacle caught plenty of attention on Resetera, which has prompted Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier to weigh in, casting doubt that God of War Ragnarok has suffered any delay. 

“It’s hard to definitely prove a negative but Someone Who Would Know Firsthand just told me they haven’t heard anything about a slip to 2023, as did Someone Else Who Might Know Secondhand,” Schreier says (opens in new tab)

Sony Santa Monica initially delayed God of War Ragnarok into 2022 from 2021. According to Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge, that was due to him needing several surgeries as he couldn’t walk. 

However, we may have our God of War Ragnarok release date soon. One reputable leaker teased as much by sending the Summer Game Fest’s Twitter account an axe emoji alongside a gif saying “we’re due a date”. 

While you’d think that Sony would announce such a thing during its State of Play show, we’ve seen big announcements handed off before. Last year, Guerrilla revealed the Horizon Forbidden West release date during Gamescom Opening Night Live, another show led by Geoff Keighley. 

God of War Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog has also said that “something cool is coming”. Will we see something soon at non-E3 2022, though? We don’t have long to wait to find out. 

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