GoldenEye multiplayer on four different screens is a LAN party of dreams

An educational charity has found a way to play multiplayer GoldenEye on N64 with each player on a separate screen.

For you youngins out there, GoldenEye launched on N64 in 1997 before online multiplayer became commonplace on consoles, which means the only official way to play with friends is to hook up multiple controllers to the same console and use the same screen, split into as many smaller screens as there are players. But now, the Centre for Computing History has found a way to play on different screens, all from a single N64.

4 screen GoldenEye on the original N64 hardware! No screencheating here! …but how? Come and experience this at our GoldenEye evening, celebrating 25 years of GoldenEye for Nintendo 64: 4, 2022

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The setup you see in the above video will be featured at an event (opens in new tab) put on by the Centre for Computing History celebrating GoldenEye’s 25th anniversary. Also appearing at the event will be three of GoldenEye’s original developers: Martin Hollis, Dr. David Doak, and Brett Jones. 

The dev team will talk about their experience developing the game and share neat stuff like concept art and documents. This has yet to be confirmed, but the organizers are hoping to have a fully playable version of the scrapped GoldenEye Xbox 360 remaster. There will also be beer and the Japanese version of GoldenEye for guests to play, but unfortunately tickets for the event are all sold out. I feel bad revealing that part after hyping it up so much, but at least we have this little video to appreciate this absolute dream of a LAN party.

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