Gotham Knights playtest popped up on Steam and was quickly removed again

Details of an unannounced playtest for Gotham Knights have popped up on Steam.

While we’ve yet to have a confirmed release date for the highly-anticipated superhero game – or confirmation that a playtest is on the way, for that matter – if true, it may suggest that the release date may be sooner rather than later.

A Reddit post by the suspiciously-named SuspiciousTension19 (opens in new tab) was swiftly deleted from Reddit because the “automated bots think it might be spam”, but in the Redditor’s defense, details of the app are also apparent at Steam DB, too, which monitors the Steam backend (opens in new tab)

As spotted by PCGN (opens in new tab), it appears that at least one person was playing it before it was unceremoniously pulled from Steam again. It apparently takes up a chunky 82.5GB of your hard disk.

Of course, there’s every possibility that this is a closed beta that wasn’t supposed to reach the public consciousness and may have been for internal testing only… or it is indeed evidence of a sneaky upcoming beta after all. Right now, though, all we can do is keep our hopes in check, take it with the proverbial bucket of salt, and hope we hear something definitive about the possible test soon.

It follows a mysterious image that also popped up online yesterday that allegedly revealed that Gotham Knights will release in April (opens in new tab)

However, given the image was unsourced and was reportedly taken at an unspecified Irish video game store, fans have been urged to cool their heels, as it still may just be a placeholder date even though the cover features a promotional Gotham Knights game case with a sticker on it that states “April 24” – a Sunday – in numerical values, potentially indicating a release date. WB Games Montreal has yet to respond to our request for comment. 

Otherwise, we haven’t heard much about Gotham Knights since it was delayed (opens in new tab) to 2022 almost a year ago and as Jordan suggested yesterday, a big game like Gotham Knights is unlikely to launch these days without at least a few months of pre-release marketing. 

For what to play in the meantime, check out our picks of the best superhero games (opens in new tab) you can play right now.

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