Dont get too excited about that Gotham Knights release date “leak”

There’s a picture floating around which at first glance seems to suggest that Gotham Knights is launching in April, but there’s a lot of reason to be skeptical.

The image was apparently taken inside an unspecified Irish video game store and features a promotional Gotham Knights game case with a sticker on it that lits April 24 in numerical values, which would usually indicate a release date. It’s since been shared in Gotham Knights circles on Reddit (opens in new tab) and Resetera (opens in new tab), and while it’s getting some folks’ hopes up, the safest assumption is that it’s just a placeholder date. 

in_irish_stores from r/GothamKnights

We’ve reached out to WB Games Montreal for clarification, but for now it’s best to run with the assumption that this was just a goof on the retailer’s part. For one, we haven’t heard anything substantial about Gotham Knights since it was delayed almost a year ago to 2022. With a big game like Gotham Knights, it’s unlikely to launch without at least a few months of pre-release marketing. Furthermore, it’s even less likely to land on a Sunday, as the vast majority of major video game release dates land on Tuesdays or Fridays.

Finally, an uncredited image apparently snapped from an unknown retailer which hasn’t bothered to include a release year just isn’t enough to go on here. Until we hear otherwise from the folks at WB themselves, or at least see more substantial evidence, an April release date seems a touch optimistic at this point. 

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