How to get Credits in Gran Turismo 7

You’ll need lots of Gran Turismo 7 Credits if you want to afford the best and fastest GT cars out there, and thankfully there are quite a lot of ways to earn money in-game. Doing almost anything in Gran Turismo 7 is going to get you Credits and great racing will get you even more thanks to some generous bonuses. If you want to rake in the Credits to fill out your Gran Turismo 7 garage, here’s what you need to know.

How to earn Gran Turismo 7 Credits

Gran Turismo 7 race medal credit bonus

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Credits are the basic currency in Gran Turismo 7, and you’ll be using them to buy yourself tuning parts, customization items, and, most importantly, cars. Unsurprisingly, the most high-end supercars or proven GT racers are extremely expensive, with a few boasting price tags in the millions. If you want to afford these cars, there are a few ways for you to earn money and some tips to bear in mind, although you can shortcut things if you’ve got real-world cash to spend:

  • Races and licence tests: Doing any sort of World Circuit race, Licence Centre test, or Circuit Experience
  • Medal bonuses: The better you place in a race, the better your payout
  • Clean Racing bonus: Driving well can get you a considerable bonus to your Credit pay
  • Roulette Tickets: You’ve got a chance at earning some random Credits with these
  • Microtransactions: Buy your way to Gran Turismo wealth with real money

Gran Turismo 7 is quite generous with its Credit rewards as you generally get a decent amount from doing any sort of race or driving activity. The rewards vary based on the type of cars you’re driving – simple races in lower-end cars tend to reward fewer than 10,000 Credits but the more complex GT races can reward tens of thousands of Credits – so you’ll earn more and more as your cars get better.

Gran Turismo 7 clean racing credit bonus

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Your Gran Turismo 7 Credit rewards are also based on how well you do and which medals you earn. Placing 1st obviously gets you gold and the biggest reward, while 3rd place gets you the smallest. This also applies to any Licence Centre test and Circuit Experience challenge – you can practice racing school exercises or tracks on a sector-by-sector basis or in timed laps, with your final times earning you medals. Specifically in races with other drivers, be that AI or player-controlled, you can also get a hefty +50% Credit bonus by racing cleanly, so respect your fellow drivers and race well to get the most out of each race.

Gran Turismo 7 roulette ticket credit reward

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

These final two Credit-accumulating methods are a bit more random and don’t really rely on player skill, so these should be seen as non-essential bonuses. Firstly, you’ll get Roulette Tickets by completing Menu Books from Luca in the Gran Turismo 7 Café and by completing your Daily Workout, which is driving the equivalent distance of a marathon race. Go to your Garage to use any tickets, and you might get lucky and score some extra Credits or even a new car. Secondly, you can also spend your real money on Gran Turismo 7 Credits microtransactions. If you really want that lightning-fast GT car, you can fast track your way there with some real cash.

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