Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books explained

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books are lists of objectives that act as the campaign and main way of progressing. There are a lot of them to complete, and each one will set unique challenges for you to do, including winning Championships, completing small collections of cars, or exploring other areas of the world map. Getting through them all quickly will allow you to build up a good amount of Credits and gain access to some of the best tracks and fastest cars. Here’s what you need to know about Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books and how many of them there are.

How Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books work

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book 12 acquired screen

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Menu Books are the career mode equivalent in Gran Turismo 7. They are your main method of progression throughout the racing world, and you’ll get all kinds of rewards and unlocks for each one. After completing a Menu Book, you must hand it in to Luca at the Café on the World Map to get your rewards, before he’ll present the next Menu Book to you so that you can go off and complete it. There are three broad types of Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book:

  • Collections: These objectives task you with collecting all the cars from a list of three. Each car is usually unlocked by placing in the top 3 of a particular race.
  • Races and Championships: Win the Championship or races that the Menu Book specifies to complete it.
  • World Map objectives: These objectives are very simple and introduce you to the basics of new pavilions that you unlock, such as the Tuning Shop, GT Auto, and the Licence Centre.

When Luca presents you with a Menu Book, you can press the ‘Learn More’ button to get more details on your objectives. You can also click the ‘i’ hints icon to get car recommendations for races and more to make completing your Menu Book easier. When you use the World Map to complete your Menu Book, look for the gold compass icon to see where you need to go. You can also look in the top-left corner of the screen to see your current Menu Book objective in the information bar.

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book world map objective screen

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Each Gran Turismo 7 Menu Book you complete will also get you Roulette Tickets for random rewards and will sometimes unlock new World Circuit tracks and other pavilions on the World Map for you to explore. You’ll also get to keep any Gran Turismo 7 Credits and cars you win in races, so completing Menu Books is a great way to fill out your car collection and earn Credits without spending much.

How many Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books are there?

Gran Turismo 7 menu book 12 petit course de france race

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There are 39 Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books for you to complete on your racing journey. You’ll start off small and simple with your first Menu Book that tasks you with collecting some Japanese compact cars. As you progress, you’ll build up your car collection and learn more about the game over time, unlocking new pavilion areas on the World Map and new circuits to race around, eventually ending with the World GT Series Championship. 

Once you’ve finished all the Menu Books, you’ll have everything unlocked except for all the cars. It’s up to you to grind your way through races to earn Credits and fill out the rest of your Gran Turismo 7 car collection.

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