GTA 5 PS5 update speeds up the transition between Story Mode and GTA Online

GTA 5 has received some welcome improvements following a minor update.

Despite the original game launching almost a decade ago, Rockstar is still working to make GTA 5 better. The developer recently released Update 1.56 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game, as well as the older PS4 and Xbox One editions. The update is fairly small, but it does introduce fixes and tweaks that fans have been calling out for.

One of the most exciting additions is the option to turn off motion blur which players have been requesting since the next-gen versions of GTA 5 launched. You also won’t be left waiting around when entering GTA Online on PS5, as Rockstar has sped up the transition between Story Mode and the game’s multiplayer. Additionally, an issue that resulted in Xbox Series X players having no in-game audio while in a party has been fixed.

According to Kotaku (opens in new tab), players have also spotted some other changes which Rockstar hasn’t included in the patch notes (opens in new tab). Among the changes snuck into the update are new options for hiding activities on the map, and fans have also noted that Night Club earnings are now boosted on console and PC. Kotaku also reveals that next-gen files have been added to the PC version. Although these are currently empty, they do hint that next-gen improvements are on the way for the PC version.

Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 6 development is “well underway”. Check out all the news, official updates and rumours we have on the crime sim’s highly anticipated sixth instalment.

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