Immortal Life is like Stardew Valley if it had a traditional Chinese influence

Immortal Life is a new management sim that feels like Stardew Valley if it was based in a traditional Chinese setting. 

Brought to our attention by Kotaku (opens in new tab), the farming sim is currently available via early access on Steam (opens in new tab). As you’d expect from most life management games, Immortal Life will have players cultivating crops, fishing, making friends, and more. What makes Immortal Life particularly interesting though is its themes surrounding Chinese religion and mythology. 

Immortal Life takes influence from ‘Xianxia’, which is a genre of Chinese fantasy that is heavily inspired by the likes of Taoism (a traditional Chinese religion), Chinese mythology, Zen Buddhism, Chinese martial arts, and other traditional Chinese elements. The aim of the game is to grow a settlement into a prosperous village after fleeing the destruction of your previous community. 

Just from the trailer, it’s easy to see the appeal of this game with its beautiful 2.5D visuals and traditional art style. As mentioned in the Kotaku story though, Immortal Life is in early access so there are still a few elements in the game that players will find difficult to overcome, mainly some translations in the game. 

As far as when we’ll get the full version of Immortal Life, the game’s developer YiFang Studio has explained on Steam that early access may last for as long as 12 – 18 months. 

It sounds like it will be worth the wait though, as the developer has promised more content coming to the game when it does officially launch including more plot stories and subquests (this also includes seasonal events), more NPCs to interact with, enhanced controls and UI, and general system improvements to enhance your playthrough. 

If you’re looking for more games like this, take a look at our games like Stardew Valley list. 

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