Guardians of the Galaxy escape the foggy cave puzzle explained

The Guardians of the Galaxy escape the foggy cave puzzle in chapter 10 will be a source of reveal confusion to some, with waves of enemies appearing to battle and befuddle you alike. With each time broken up by dialogue and the cycle repeating itself, something will need to be done to continue and find your way out. Don’t worry though – we’ll explain how to escape the foggy cave in Guardians of the Galaxy below (and it’s easier than you think).

Guardians of the Galaxy escape the foggy cave puzzle solution

Guardians of the Galaxy escape the foggy cave

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If you want to escape the foggy cave in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the solution is frustratingly easy – don’t say anything at all. Each time you fight a wave of foes it’s preceded by the Guardians hearing a noise and trying to guess what it might be – whatever you choose ends up being the enemies you fight. 

However, if you choose the third option, the little (…) marker in the middle, Peter realises what’s happening and shushes his other teammates, stopping them from saying anything. This is the solution – the foggy cave is magically throwing enemies at you because you’re talking about them. Don’t talk about anything at all and they’ll stop appearing. 

Once the cave seems to realise that you’re not going to play along anymore, the fog retreats, exposing a new exit that wouldn’t have been accessible before. Now you can move on further down into the caves looking for a cure for Drax.

Of course, if you keep bringing up different kinds of enemies, you can keep fighting, though the game will start dropping clues in dialogue as to what you should be doing to move on. Still, it’s not out of character for Star-Lord to ignore good advice, so keep blasting enemies until you’re ready to move on through chapter 10.

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