Halo Infinite Fiesta matches for the Fracture Tenrai Event explained

You need to play Halo Infinite Fiesta matches if you want to level up the Fracture Tenrai event pass to get that legendary Yoroi Armor Core and other rewards. Fiesta is a new mode available for the week that the Halo Infinite Tenrai event is running, so you need to get in quickly before it goes away. It’s regular Slayer with the twist that everyone spawns with random weapons, so it really brings out chaos and fun of the Halo Infinite sandbox. You’ll also need to complete some event challenges that can only be completed during Fiesta matches to level up the free reward pass. Here’s what you need to know about Halo Infinite Fiesta matches and how they tie into the Fracture Tenrai event.

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What is the Halo Infinite Fiesta playlist?

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai multiplayer event fiesta slayer behemoth enemy with energy sword

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The Halo Infinite Fiesta playlist is a new multiplayer playlist option that is only available for the duration of the Fracture Tenrai event, which ends on November 29. Fiesta is a Slayer mode and follows the regular 4 vs 4 Slayer rules – so just a normal team deathmatch and the team that reaches 50 kills first wins – except all players spawn with random Halo Infinite weapons and equipment at the start of each match and after every death.

You might get lucky and spawn with a varied loadout consisting of a Battle Rifle and a Rocket Launcher with the Repulsor, or you might have a terrible combination of tools, such as a Plasma Pistol, a Gravity Hammer, and a Drop Wall. Weapon racks, equipment pads, and power item spawns are all disabled in Fiesta too, so you need to rely on picking up the weapons of defeated enemies to get more ammo or a new loadout.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event fiesta mode multiplayer lobby

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To play Fiesta, you can select it from the list of game modes when you go to matchmake into a multiplayer game on Halo Infinite. It’s listed with the other modes, including Quickplay and Big Team Battle. Playing Fiesta matches in particular is really important for the Fracture Tenrai event as it’s how you’ll get your rewards, like the Yoroi Armor Core.

Why you need to complete Halo Infinite Fiesta matches

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai multiplayer event summary page

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You need to play lots of Fiesta matches if you want to unlock as many rewards as possible in the Fracture Tenrai event pass. Levelling up this pass is done by completing Fiesta-themed Tenrai event challenges, which are like regular weekly challenges but are marked with an orange banner. Each one you complete grants one level on the free Tenrai event pass to unlock a reward and will award a good amount of XP to go towards your Season 1 Battle Pass.

The objectives for these challenges must specifically be completed in Fiesta matches. We’ve had ones to simply complete a couple of Fiesta matches, get 10 kills in Fiesta matches, win Fiesta matches, and more. They’re all quite straightforward challenges that you should get easily just by playing matches.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai multiplayer event weekly challenge list

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The catch is that there are only seven of these challenges available for the week-long event and they’re all mixed in with the regular weekly challenges for the Season 1 Battle Pass. This means that you can have moments where you don’t have any Tenrai event challenges to complete as your regular Battle Pass challenges get in the way.

What’s more is that reaching level 7 on the event pass gets you the Yoroi Armor Core, a Spartan ID nameplate emblem and backdrop, and four Challenge Swaps or XP Grants, so nothing particularly interesting aside from the Yoroi core. The Fracture Tenrai event will return in January and February 2022, and presumably after that too, so that players can get more challenges and work through the rest of the free event pass for its rewards.

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