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10 Best Halo Games of All-Time

The best Halo games are a guaranteed good time. Between developers Bungie and 343 Industries, the Halo series has turned out some of the best FPS games time and time again. Perhaps that’s because Halo always delivers big cinematic campaigns set across surprisingly deep sandboxes, which is one reason we’re …

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Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022 predictions

Microsoft is set to host its Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase today – June 12, 2022. And if you don’t want predictions, here’s our Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase June 2022 Live Coverage – all the news as it happens. This digital conference will be one of the highlights of the …

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All Halo Infinite ranks in order

Halo Infinite ranks, aka, the tiers you go through while playing ranked mode in multiplayer, are a significant part of multiplayer that mark your ascension through the more competitive part of the online game. To know how far you’ve gone and how far you’ve got to go in Halo Infinite, …

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