Halo Infinite Forge map maker revealed in new leaked images and video

Halo Infinite Forge will help players create their own modes with an in-depth, node-based script editor, according to a new leak.

The leak was shared online by Twitter user HaloNoticiasMX, via screenshots and video that apparently depict the new editor mode which 343 Industries has yet to publicly unveil. 343 has confirmed that, along with campaign co-op, Forge won’t be available when Halo Infinite launches in December, but this early look makes it seem like it will be worth the wait. 

Node graph menu por adamisgood pic.twitter.com/NW00cTX2r4October 8, 2021

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The video begins with a brief look at Forge’s map-editing functions, then dives into the menus players can use to create special events and interactions beyond the normal rules of the game. Its node-based script editor lets you visually assign actions to objects or overall parts of the game state. In the inventive hands of the map and mode building community, the two halves could conceivably be used for everything from creating new Halo-based sports to narrative experiences and beyond. Dear Esther: Halo Infinite edition when?

Forge mode was originally introduced in Halo 3 and has become a series staple ever since then. While the technical previews have given us a good look at Halo Infinite multiplayer, and the older gameplay trailer gave us something to go on for the campaign, this leak is the first substantial piece of Forge mode we’ve yet seen.

343 Industries plans to release Forge mode as part of Halo Infinite season 3, which is slated to begin about six months after launch – so roughly around May 2022.

Speaking of Halo 3, GR’s Alyssa Mercante has broken down the Halo Infinite and Halo 3 comparisons. 

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