Senuas Saga: Hellblade 2 concept art of a coastal village unveiled

New Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 concept art has been unveiled by developer Ninja Theory.

Earlier today, the developer posted a little game for its Twitter followers. If a tweet that they published could reach 500 retweets, they’d share some new concept art of Hellblade 2. Suffice to say, the target was met in a very short time, and now we have the artwork just below from the developer to peruse.

Shore settlement concept art by Expert Concept Ninja Marco Teixeira 28, 2022

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The new concept art gives us a little sneak peek at what to expect in Ninja Theory’s forthcoming sequel. It looks like we’ll be venturing to the edge of a land as Senua in Hellblade 2, to a small village area specifically, right near to jagged rocks being battered by endless waves.

It looks suitably gloomy for a Hellblade setting. If you played the original game, you might remember that we ventured to an area where the land came crashing up against the sea before, with a towering statue on the near horizon. 

Hellblade 2 has been in development for a few years, having been revealed as the very first new-gen game for the Xbox Series X back in late 2019. Fast forward nearly two years, and in June 2021 Ninja Theory revealed that the sequel hadn’t entered full production.

Since then though, we’ve seen one main gameplay teaser for Hellblade 2, starring protagonist Senua embarking on a massive hunt. We’ve also seen Melina Juergens, who portrays Senua in both the original game and the sequel, learning how to sword fight for the new game, indicating that Senua’s new adventure might be going big on the action.

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