Help rebuild a magical and mysterious world in idyllic survival exploration game Wildmender

Everything has to start somewhere, and you’re really starting from scratch with upcoming city builder, Wildmender. 

It’s down to you and your fellow citizens, but with some hard work, a tiny patch of water in the desert can evolve into a bustling city. 

From your tiny pool, you can start digging out channels to make a river, plant trees that slowly turn the desert into a lush green idyll, and then start building up a place your people can call home. 

You’ll be able to farm, tend, and otherwise add to your home too, which means that there’s always plenty to do in the magical adventure that is Wildmender. 

But, it’s not just about your settlement, it’s also about what lies beyond. Temples, mysteries, secrets, magical creatures, and more lay out across the desert for you to discover as you fly and landslide your way to new destinations. 

That does, however, mean that you will find things in the wilderness that want to harm you, so you’ll need to work out how to combat these threats in order to keep exploring – and surviving. 

You can do all of this in four-player co-op too, meaning you won’t have to build or explore on your own. 

Wildmender is dropping on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S sometime in 2023, but you can wishlist it right now.

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