Heres what a 3D Pokemon would look like in the OG art style, complete with chonky Pikachu

A Pokemon fan has teased the world with an extremely nostalgic look at what a 3D Pokemon game would look like if it were based on the original art style.

By “original art style,” I mean the OG look of the Pokemon drawn up by Ken Sugimori and seen in the Gen 1 trading cards and game manuals – you know, the art that birthed chonky Pikachu before he trimmed down for the anime series. Anyway, this fan-made video imagines a 3D Pokemon game with those brilliantly nostalgic graphics, and this needs to become a real thing ASAP. Check it out:

これは時空の歪みによって生まれた、懐かしくも新しい『ポケットモンスター 初代』!(トキワの森編)#pokemon 20, 2022

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While we have no indication that this is anything more than just a fun little video, creator pokeyugami gave the project a title and a little premise. “This is a nostalgic yet new ‘Pokémon: The First Generation’ created by a distortion of time and space!,” the translated tweet reads.

Apparently, in this lovely 17-second universe, the Pokemon from 1996 passed through a space time distortion – possibly the same one from Pokemon Legends: Arceus – and ended up in a 2022 3D Pokemon game set in the Viridian Forest. Now if only someone – *cough* Nintendo *cough* – would take this and turn it into a full game.

Of course, the actual Pokemon games we’re getting this year, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, have a similar cel-shaded look to Arceus, but they’re set in a place that looks vaguely based on Southwestern Europe. It still looks very pretty, but it won’t hit you over the head with nostalgia like this fan-made dream.

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