Hideo Kojima appears to respond to Norman Reedus Death Stranding 2 reveal

Hideo Kojima seems to have subtly addressed yesterday’s Death Stranding 2 leak by Norman Reedus.

In a tweet early this morning, the developer shared three photos of himself and Reedus. It’s not clear exactly when or where the photos were taken, and a reverse image search on Google doesn’t turn up any results, but the pair appear to be in a location associated with The Walking Dead TV series, on which Reedus is a recurring cast member.

“Go to your private room,my friend“👍😍 pic.twitter.com/jBTDqhQSLIMay 21, 2022

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The caption to those images reads “Go to your private room, my friend,” referring to the spaces across Death Stranding in which Reedus’ character, Sam Bridges, could rest between jobs. Kojima also used thumbs up and heart-eyes emojis, with the positive message seeming to be a tacit confirmation of Reedus’ recent claim that Death Stranding 2 development was underway.

Discussing the original game in an interview, Reedus said that he had “just started the second one,” also referring to whatever the new project might be as “part two.” It’s not the first time we’ve heard about a potential Death Stranding sequel, but back in August 2021 the title was said to be “in negotiations.” This time out, we appear to have had confirmation that work is underway directly from one of the game’s primary figures, backed up by Kojima himself.

Unfortunately, it may be a long time until we get any more concrete information about the project. Reedus’ suggestion is that work has only just begun on the project, and the subtle nature of the reveal implies that we’re unlikely to learn much more over the E3 2022 schedule.

Kojima Productions is reportedly working on two games: one big, one small, with the latter apparently launching a new IP.  

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