Hideo Kojima making two new games at Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions seems to be working on two brand new games, according to Hideo Kojima.

At the end of 2021, Famitsu (opens in new tab) published its annual game developer survey for the following year, asking creators around Japan about their plans for 2022. According to a translation by Siliconera (opens in new tab), Hideo Kojima’s survey answers reveal that Kojima Productions is actually working on two brand new games.

Firstly, Kojima outlines that his studio is working on a “big” new game, perhaps similar in scope to that of Death Stranding. Secondly, the creative director writes that a “new, challenging” title is also in development at the Tokyo-based studio, indicating that the studio is tackling a brand new IP.

This isn’t the first time Kojima Productions has teased new ventures. In October 2020, just less than a year after Death Stranding originally launched, Kojima Productions confirmed it was working on a new project. The following year in March, art director Yoji Shinkawa stated that the studio could announce its next game “quite soon.”

Games aren’t the only thing on the horizon for Kojima Productions, however. Last year in November, the developer announced it had opened a new office based in L.A., specifically to “explore opportunities beyond game development.” Movies, TV shows, and music were namechecked in the announcement, so it appears that Kojima and company are definitely making moves beyond games into something new entirely. Still, all eyes will likely be on Kojima’s more imminent games for the time being.

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