Hitman 3 keypad codes to unlock all keypad doors and safes

Hitman 3 keypad codes add a new mechanic that hasn’t been seen in the series before, presenting you with manual keypads on which to enter four digit combinations to grant you access to doors and safes. To acquire these keypad codes legitimately you may need to lurk and eavesdrop on chatty NPCs, read notes, examine text written on displays, or otherwise assemble clues you find while working on your latest Hitman 3 contract. You should definitely make the effort to discover these keypad combinations, as the safes you open contain useful items and intel to further that story, while the doors open up shortcuts or entirely new areas to explore. Whatever you’re trying to access, our list of Hitman 3 keypad codes will ensure that no lock can get in your way.

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Dubai Hitman 3 keypad codes

Hitman 3 keypad codes

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Level 0: Staff Area door codes
There are two doors with keypad codes leading from the Atrium to the Staff Area, with one in the corner above the stairs coming up from Level -1 and the other behind the small bar on the way up to Level 1. They share the same door code written on the Meeting Room whiteboard, which is 4706.

Levels 2 and 3: Security Rooms safe codes
The Security Room on the right of the map on Level 2, and the Security Room on Level 3 both have safes containing the Evacuation Keycards needed to trigger the VIP Evacuation Protocol. Handily the safe code of 6927 is the same for both, and is pinned to the notice board in the Level 3 Security Room.

Level 5: Guest Bedroom safe code
You can access the Guest Bedroom in the Penthouse area by stealing the key from the Penthouse Staff member in the Level 4 Storage room, or by forcing the door with a lockpick/crowbar. Inside, there’s a note attached to the computer revealing the safe code of 7465, and the safe is in the corner near the television.

Dartmoor Hitman 3 keypad codes

Hitman 3 keypad codes

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Level 2: Alexa Carlisle’s Office safe code
Depending on whether you’ve found all of the Hitman 3 Death In The Family Clues and solved the mystery, this may have been opened for you already. If not, there’s a button on the arm of Alexa Carlisle’s chair behind the desk, which moves a painting on the wall to the side and reveals the safe. There are a series of symbols above it, which can be linked to items in the room with numbers on plaques beside them, and the safe code you’ll get when you put these all together is 1975.

Berlin Hitman 3 keypad codes

Hitman 3 keypad codes

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Level -2: Rolf Hirschmuller’s Office safe code
In the lowest level of the club adjacent to the building controlled by the bikers you’ll find Rolf Hirschmuller’s Office, and according to the nearby tech staff the code for the safe inside is aptly the year that the Berlin Wall fell. That historical moment happened in 1989, so punch the into the safe to open it up – you can either disguise your way in, or slide down the pipe in the corridor on Level -1 linking the club to the biker building.

Chongqing Hitman 3 keypad codes

Hitman 3 keypad codes

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Level 2: ICA Apartment door code
You can initially access the ICA Apartment by dropping down from the roof and climbing in through the window, but if you listen to the answering machine messages by the bed you’ll learn the entry code for the apartment, and the facility, is 0118.

Level 0: ICA Facility Container Entrance door code
Around the side of the Restaurant is the entrance to the ICA Facility, disguised as a set of freight containers. If you didn’t already get the door code of 0118 from the ICA Apartment answering machine, there’s also an employee pacing outside who will say it out loud before entering.

Level 1: Laundromat door code
Either this is a huge coincidence, or ICA security is not as tight as it should be, because the code for the door at the back of the Laundromat is also 0118.

Level 4: The Block near Benchmark Lab door code
Beyond the Benchmark Lab on Level 4 is a stairwell in the corner, with a keypad door to access it. In Hush’s Private Lab on Level 5 you’ll find a whiteboard which reveals 2552 as the general access code for the building.

Level 5: Hush’s Private Lab and Therapy Room external door codes
To enter either of these rooms from the external balcony you need the same keypad code, which you can even see through the window from the balcony, so use 2552 again.

Level 0: Arcade door code
At the base of Hush’s building you’ll find an Arcade in the corner, and in the rear room is a keypad door to take a back route to the upper floors. Guess what? The code is also 2552 – evidently Hush’s security is as good as the ICA’s.

Level 0: Arcade courtyard shortcut hatch code
In the courtyard to the rear the Arcade, there’s a hatch tucked behind some blue and orange crates which opens up a shortcut route directly into Level -3 of the ICA Facility. Once again, the magic code you need is 2552.

Mendoza Hitman 3 keypad codes

Hitman 3 keypad codes

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Level 1: Wine Fridge lasers code
To access the precious bottle of wine, you need the Wine Fridge code to disable the lasers. The wine is a 1945 Grand Paladin, you overhear the code being hinted at as the “last year of World War 2”, and a note by the keypad says “it’s a vintage year” – if you still haven’t figured it out, the code to disable the lasers is 1945, which is a bit on the nose.

Level 3: Villa Basement safe code
You’ll need to do some investigating to solve this one, so listen for a discussion between guards outside the Villa, who say the code for the safe is the year Don Archibald Yates and his wife got married. Upstairs in the Level 5 Villa Office you can grab a calendar from the wall, indicating it is April 2021 and the couple are marking their “crystal anniversary” – as this celebrates 15 years of marriage, this makes the safe code 2006.

Carpathian Mountains Hitman 3 keypad codes

Hitman 3 keypad codes

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Laboratory door code
The only keypad code in this final mission comes right at the start, where you need to access a store room for a crowbar so you can escape. There aren’t many clues around for this one, other than the massive poster on the wall stating 1979 – enter that, and you’re golden.

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