Hitman 3 modders have remade a classic Codename 47 level in stunning detail

Hitman 3 modders have remade a mission from Hitman: Contracts/Codename 47 in the latest game.

Just below, you can see a gameplay walkthrough of the Chongqing Noodle Massacre, a brand new mission modded into Hitman 3. However, if you head over to the NexusMods (opens in new tab) page for the mod, or if you’re familiar with past Hitman games, you might recognise this as the Seafood Massacre mission from Hitman: Contracts and Codename 47.

The Chongqing Noodle Massacre mod was first published in Hitman 3 in June, but it’s flown relatively under the radar until now. This is the very first modded bonus mission for Hitman 3, and it’s basically taking the older mission from the series’ past and reconstructing it entirely to fit in the confines of the Chongqing level from the base game.

There are two versions of the mission in the mod. You can pick the daytime or night versions of the Chongqing Noodle Massacre mission, and your mission targets will change depending on which version you pick. However, the one constant is that you need to take out the Red Dragon Negotiator, hide their body, and leave a special amulet on a table to implicate the same organization.

It’s interesting that only in this mod can you access the Chongqing map in Hitman 3 at daytime. Ordinarily, the map will always load players into a night time setting, and this surely produced tonnes of extra work for the team behind the mod, as they reveal they’ve had to manually edit out all puddles, rain, rain sound effects, wetness built into textures, and even certain lights.

This is a pretty staggering dedication, and despite the mod team acknowledging that the original mission in Hitman: Contracts/Codename 47 was one of the smallest in both games, it’s clearly taken massive amounts of work. Perhaps this will tide players over until the Freelancer mode for Hitman 3 launches later this year

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