How to get Horizon Forbidden West power armor

If want to get Horizon Forbidden West power armor, there’s good news. This shield armor has carried over from Zero Dawn, but this time without so much of the work involved. The original Horizon power armor needed you to collect a set of power cells from all over the map to open the chamber that contained it. Now, in Horizon Forbidden West, it’s simply an unlockable Valor skill you can access by earning XP and leveling up enough. So, let’s take a look at the Horizon Forbidden West power armor, how it works and how you get it. 

How to get the Horizon Forbidden West power armor

Horizon Forbidden West power armor

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To get the Horizon Forbidden West power armor, all you need to do is drop enough XP points into the Survivor skill tree. Rather than a separate piece of kit you have to find, the Horizon power armor now lives among your unlockable skills as the second Survivor Valor Surge you can access. 

These Valor Surges are basically equipable special powers triggered by pressing L1 and R1 together. You can only have one equipped at a time, so while the power armor is cool, you might need to switch it out from time to time (there’s a cloaking stealth option that’s extremely useful for example). The ‘Valor’ that powers everything is gained by certain moves – like killing machines in special ways, say. You can also unlock complimentary skills that will earn you additional Valor to power it up faster, like getting extra Valor every time you get hit, for example. 

Horizon Forbidden West power armor

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It’ll still take you a little while to get the Horizon power armor ability, as you’ll need to unlock enough skills to not only reach the power armor, but also to unlock all the skills around it, which will finally let you use the skill. You can also level up the armor three times. At full power it’ll have a shield strength of 400, deflecting 20% of incoming damage and exploding on depletion to deal shock damage. It will also last as long as your Valor does – so no matter how many times it’s depleted it’ll just keep recharging while you have the Valor to power it. 

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