How to destroy Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers and remove the vines

 Knowing how to get past Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers will open up a lot of new paths and options for you, as these mechanical plants create vines that obstruct you until you destroy them. But how do you remove these metal flowers, and where do you get what you need to break them in Horizon Forbidden West? Players might spend a long time in the game without finding the tool needed to unlock them, so we’ve explained how to break open the Metal Flowers in Horizon Forbidden West below. 

Warning: this guide contains some minor spoilers for the main plot of Horizon Forbidden West, but all effort has been made to keep them as minimal as possible.

How to get past Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers

Horizon Forbidden West metal flowers

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To break open the Metal Flowers in Horizon Forbidden West players will need an item called the Vine Cutter, a spear modification that allows players to destroy any Metal Flowers that they come across. However, this special item is locked until a certain point in the campaign, one that can potentially be reached earlier rather than later depending on choices the player makes.

At some point in the main story Aloy will be tasked with finding three AI, and while all of these have to be found, the order in which you pursue them is your own choice. The Vine Cutter is found on the quest called “Seeds of the Past”, the highest-level option which takes you to a forested area. During this quest players will gain access to a new lab where they’ll be given a Dissolution Code Module, a unique crafting item used solely for the purpose of creating the Vine Cutter. Take this to any nearby workbench, and you’ll be able to craft the Vine Cutter for your spear. 

This item serves no function but to destroy the Metal Flowers, and more importantly the vines tied to them that usually obstruct a nearby path or item. Simply approach the Flower and attack them using your spear when indicated to open them up and let you use the vine cutter and gain access to new areas. Metal Flowers are found all over the map, including in optional areas, meaning that the Vine Cutter can help you find a lot of new aspects to Horizon Forbidden West that you might not have been able to explore before.

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