I, the Inquisitor sees you hunt sinners in the name of a not-so-merciful Jesus

I, the Inquisitor is an adventure game that’ll have you hunting wrongdoers for the glory of a very different Jesus Christ.

Developer The Dust has announced I, the Inquisitor, a story-driven, dark fantasy adventure that takes place in an alternative religious timeline. Based on the Inquisitor book series by Polish fantasy writer Jacek Piekara, the game presents a wildly different take on the crucifixion of Jesus. Here, He doesn’t forgive sinners and die on the cross but instead becomes consumed with rage, breaks free from the cross and “unleashes violent vengeance on all the non-believers”. 

Fast-forward to 1500 years after the crucifixion, and holy law is now enforced through less than peaceful means by His brutal band of Inquisitors. You play as Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor in God’s service who can choose to punish sinners or take a more merciful approach.

Interestingly, a seemingly large emphasis is placed on exploration and detective work in I, the Inquisitor. According to the game’s developer, you’ll “solve the various cases and crimes of those who have transgressed against the faith, all while uncovering the truth of a darker evil from another realm that is trying to enter the world of the living.”

But it isn’t all interrogating suspects and gathering evidence; there’s also a full sword-based combat system for when words just won’t cut it. While the subject matter is rather unusual, turning to the world of Polish fantasy novels worked out pretty well for CD Projekt Red with The Witcher, so we’ll reserve judgement until the game’s released. The Dust hasn’t said when that will be, but it did announce that it will be coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

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