Street Fighter 6 fans think Kens redesign has huge divorced dad energy

Street Fighter 6 fans are having a lot of fun with Ken’s redesign, after the character leaked online last week.

Capcom just debuted a brand new Street Fighter 6 trailer last week at the PlayStation State of Play presentation. In attendance for the new trailer were the likes of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke, but shortly after, a full roster of characters leaked online, which you can see in all their redesigned glory just below.

I checked out the street fighter 6 roster leak and I got to say I’m really liking the designs, i like the mix of classic and modern ideas! This new character A.K.I looks very interesting in terms of design! 3, 2022

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Among the leaked characters, as you might’ve noticed, was Ken. But this isn’t the Ken we’ve come to know over the past countless iterations of the Street Fighter series, no sir, this Ken looks like he’s been tossed out of the house by his wife and left in the gutter, as one particular Twitter user below noted.

Ken character arc in street fighter lol 4, 2022

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Street Fighter 6’s Ken looks like he’s been going through some incredibly tough times of late. The character’s now been floating around in Street Fighter’s evolving continuity for over two decades at this point, so it makes sense that the development staff at Capcom would want to age up the character.

One last Ken meme I swear to the Eldergods! #StreetFighter 5, 2022

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Well, this redesigned Ken sure is a lot different than the new version of Ryu we saw late last year. The rippling abs and biceps big enough to crush rocks sure made an impact on Street Fighter 6 fans when the game was first announced in late 2021, and Ryu was correctly described as a blistering thirst trap. Whatever Ken is on the other hand, is not that.

Street Fighter 6 might’ve only been mentioned for PS4 and PS5 platforms so far, but rest assured, the new fighting game is coming to PC and Xbox platforms as well. 

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