Indie dev breaking NDA says theyre not breaking NDA showing off PSVR 2

A developer showing off a PSVR 2 has seemingly been hit with a DMCA strike after claiming they wouldn’t be hit by a DMCA strike.

Earlier today on June 30, independent developer Bit Planet Games (opens in new tab) took to Twitter to share a photo of a PSVR 2 kit out in the wild, simply sat on a chair. When asked if they were breaking a NDA by showing the PSVR 2, the developer replied that if this was six months ago, they would be.

Then they were hit by a DMCA strike, indicating that they were, in fact, breaking the NDA. Now, if you head over to the Bit Planet Games Twitter account, you can find the tweet just below, with the exact same caption as the previous tweet, but without the picture of the PSVR 2 kit sat on the chair.

Guess what’s coming to PSVR2? 29, 2022

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Well, it sure looks like someone was breaking NDA when they posted the picture of the PSVR 2. Either way, the picture has now obviously disappeared, but from a consumer perspective, it’s undoubtedly interesting to know that PSVR 2 dev kits are beginning to make their way out into the world.

This all takes place against the backdrop of an uncertain release window for the PSVR 2. Previously, Sony stated that the piece of kit wouldn’t launch before 2022, and since then, one rumor in February claimed the new-gen headset would launch near the beginning of 2023, while another rumor in April also claimed the PSVR 2 had been delayed to 2023

When it does launch though, the PSVR 2 will boast over 20 games at launch

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