Join the Bat-family and help Batman protect Gotham in a new interactive experience

Fans are about to have an entirely new way to interact with Batman at New York City’s Spyscape interactive museum – by taking on the role of a member of the Bat-family and actually helping him solve a case.

How does that work? 

Batman x Spyscape promotional material

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It’s all about Spyscape’s interactive experiences, which bring visitors into a world of spies and intrigue where they solve puzzles, play games, and use actual spy techniques to complete a larger mission (like an escape room on a much larger scale). In Spyscape’s upcoming event, Batman x Spyscape, the Spyscape space is transformed into Gotham City, and participants are recruited by none other than Oracle to aid the Caped Crusader and his allies in taking on the secret criminal organization known as Leviathan.

“Fans become recruits and the eyes and ears for the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman, and are enlisted by the mysterious Oracle, an alternate identity of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), to help solve some mysterious kidnappings,” reads the announcement’s description of Batman x Spyscape.

The Batman x Spyscape story is written by veteran comic creator Gail Simone, who is no stranger to the character of Barbara Gordon having written her as Oracle in an extensive run on the Birds of Prey team title, and as Batgirl in her own solo book.

Batman x Spyscape promotional material

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Interactive / Spyscape)

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Batman x Spyscape also features art from Jim Calafiore, who previously collaborated with Simone on the villain-themed espionage title Secret Six, as well as design from Mona Kim Projects. Participants will see the art and meet many of Gotham’s heroes and villains through an accompanying app that guides and enhances the Spyscape experience.

The launch date for Batman x Spyscape has not yet been announced, but Spyscape is offering early access to news and sign-ups through their website (opens in new tab)

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