Kena: Bridge of Spirits anniversary update includes a photo mode, New Game+, and modifiers

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is finally coming to Steam, a year after it debuted on Epic Games store.

To celebrate, developer Ember Lab is releasing a new “Anniversary update” across PC and PS consoles. It probably won’t surprise you to read that this will release on the game’s first anniversary, September 21, but you may be surprised at just how much new content is on the way, including two new game modes – a New Game+ in which you can replay with your unlockable upgrades and outfits, and Spirit Guide Trials – and a photo mode, as well as new modifiers called charmstones, that will either nerf or buff Kena’s abilities.

Complete the new trials and get all charmstones and you’ll be rewarded with some new outfits.

The Spirit Guide Trials offer obstacle courses, a wave-based horde mode, and a chance to take on Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ boss battles again.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ Anniversary Update releases on September 27, 2022, on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PS5, and PS4. 

In our GamesRadar+ Kena: Bridge of Spirits review (opens in new tab), we awarded it an impressive 4 stars out of 5, calling it “an agreeable adventure that’s transformed into something special by its enchanting aesthetic”. However, though the visuals, satisfying action, and The Rot were impressive, we thought the lack of guidance and issues with cutscene framerates were problematic. 

“Any technical issues for me were also outweighed by just how much I liked being in the world and learning how to traverse it, even if occasionally it meant my neighbors heard some new swear words through the walls.

“Some moments feel crafted by the writers and characters designers to be truly special, like when you free a magical creature called Rufus who was trapped by the corruption, or at the ending which even made my withered old heart beat extra hard. Thanks to its storytelling and visual design there’s just something warm and alive in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, which is perhaps fitting for a game that is so focused on death. 

Will you be trying Kena: Bridge of Spirits for the first time next month? Then check out our Kena: Bridge of Spirits guide (opens in new tab).

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