Kena: Bridge of Spirits studio will look into releasing on other platforms soon

Kena: Bridge of Spirits developer Ember Lab has said that it will look into releasing the game on other platforms after the team has had a rest. 

In an interview with SegmentNext (opens in new tab), Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Ember Lab Josh Grier said: “We are currently focused on our launches for PlayStation and Epic Games store, which are timed exclusives. We will look into other platform releases after launch and a rest,” when asked how long Kena: Bridge of Spirits would be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. 

Slightly lower down in the interview, Grier also touched upon the game being a PS4/PS5 console exclusive adding: “It’s very difficult to think about next steps or future offerings.” However, that it is responding to requests from the community “as best we can” using the announcement of a physical edition of Kena as an example. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released last week exclusively on PS5, PS4, and PC (via Epic Game Store) however, Ember Lab is already thinking about its sequel. Well, thinking about the fact it is unlikely to get a sequel that is, as the studio said themselves shortly before launch. They did however add that instead of a direct sequel, they’d like to create “another IP with the same style in terms of gameplay and story-driven experience.”

The studio is however considering releasing some DLC for Kena: Bridge of Spirits that features new combat scenarios says Grier in a separate interview. Although not officially confirmed to be in development and more like a hypothetical idea, it’s still nice to hear that Ember Lab isn’t completely giving up on Kena after its release. 

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